Planning, processing, research are the foundations on which we develop the four macro areas through which we elaborate our services


Development and application of models for economic and social burden analysis, budget impact analysis, and cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analysis.

Development of economic evaluations and pharmacoeconomic investigations in the national and international healthcare context in the perspective of a valuebased approach through the elaboration or adaptation of dynamic economic models.

Support for the elaboration of pricing and reimbursing dossier for the market authorization of health technologies in the italian setting.

Strategic support for the definition of Value Dossier at national, regional and local health authorities.

Development and evaluation of the impact of the integrated health pathway.

Bringing together different expertise for the development of integrated health pathway (PDTA, PCA, ...) elaborated at national level but adaptable to regional and local contexts in order to reduce variability in the management of patients.

Planning, organization and realization of scientific advisory boards and mock negotiations.

Involving of expert to combine the best available scientific evidence with the best clinical practices, taking into account the reference context and the different perspectives operating within the healthcare ecosystem.

Papers and Research

Altems Advisory develops valuable researches to face Companies, Institutions and non-profit organizations’ specific needs


Digital Medicine

Strumenti terapeutici innovativi per un cambio di paradigma nell’assistenza sanitaria digitale

Patient Access Network

Position Papers - I Edizione 2022/23

Budget impact of prophylactic treatment of rVIII-SingleChain in moderate and severe hemophilia A in Italy

Increasing the usage of rVIII-SingleChain for the prophylactic treatment of hemophilia A in Italy over 3 years may lead to cost savings with uncompromised efficacy in bleed protection, according to a budget impact analysis based on real-world data

These concepts are critical components of our research ensuring that new health technologies are adapted efficiently, timely and in a sustainable manner