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Altems Advisory develops research projects aimed at defining the value of innovative technologies through multidisciplinary frameworks

Health economics and outcome research (HEOR)

The development of innovative economic models allows the understanding of complex phenomena by classifying them into key elements to support the decision-making process. The data analysis, also through structured RWE processes, allow the connection between the economic aspects and the outcome aspects.


The creation of negotiation strategies allows an efficient definition of the price and reimbursement of health technologies, also through the use of new frameworks for the most innovative technologies (ATMPS, digital therapeutics, agnostic drugs, drug-device combination, ...) with the construction of specific payment models that support innovative contracts (risk sharing, MEA, …).

Value & access

The definition and measurement of the value of health technologies supports the negotiation and access phases of innovation consistent with the HTA framework, favoring the patient investment, in order to have equity of access on the national and regional territory.

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